Thursday, January 12, 2012

12.01.2011 (Khamis)

Today was day that most challenging for me.Why? Must be all of you wondering right? The reason is because, in our group WOW~ GorGeOs! "Wanita Oh Wanita GoRjeS! Today, we need to get making all sentence in english language. Sounds great right?

For me, it's very attractive because as we interact each other we can increase further our English language use properly. Yesterday, is day that very painful.But today alhamdulillah.everything is good. Blessing to ALLAH because give space for me and husband to more understanding after this. So, incident yesterday can overcame successfully although there is misunderstanding at the beginning. Abg also promise not to repeat the mistake that he already make, and he already erase all videos.

For knowledge all, yesterday is my mom birthday. So,me, Ayun and Abah conspiring to buy something to celebrate mother birthday even though we did not give any prize for her.Just procurement a cake and KFC.Unless heart the mother will feel appreciated.

here u are..

at 3.30 am

11 am

And that most startling, yesterday for the first time I can get 7oz breast milk to be supplied to Irdina. Weird , but that's the true .This morning at 11am, I pump again and the result alhamdulillah 7oz also. Enough for today entry that can Ishare with you oals, we resume in the next day on the other day,and other chapter..

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